My picks for Yin online live classes are: lulling Yin Yoga with Naomi Givans at the Essence Hove, gentle Yin Yoga with Justine Blaber at the Yarrow Yoga and soothing Sunday Yin with Graham Munro of Gathering Energy Yoga.

Within the plethora of yoga styles that have emerged in the previous decades, Yin yoga offers a very distinctive approach to physical practice. Unlike most of the other styles, the main objective isn’t the movement of the body but a steady stretching of the connective tissues. This implies holding a certain pose longer, usually around 3-5 minutes, which results in stretching of the body in a passive and relaxed manner. Due to its slow tempo and a variety of pose modifications, Yin practice can be adapted to anyone. It is also a perfect complementary activity to more dynamic, high-intensity exercise regimes. And to everyday life. (Cause that one tends to get quite intensive by itself sometimes. Just saying.)

Yin Yoga with Naomi Givans started in a relaxed standing forward pose which was unexpected (as opposed to the most often sitting start when it comes to yoga classes) but also surprisingly comfortable and interesting. (It reminded me of a sleeping zombie and the thought of me being a star in Thriller’s music video made me slightly giggly.) Anyhow, the class continued in a similar manner (by that I mean the relaxed, not zombie). Naomi’s verbal cues and tips were very helpful, especially when it came to the ideas for prop substitutions since yin classes often include yoga bricks, straps, bolsters and blankets. The day I joined this class was particularly gloomy and rainy so a 15min yoga nidra was incorporated at the very end (also known as yogic sleep, somewhat similar to a guided meditation). If you like savasana, (the chances are you probably do), you will relish the combination of yin and nidra on a murky day.

The price of an online class with Naomi at the Essence Hove is currently free. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the official website

Yin Yoga with Justine Blaber was well-timed and gentle. Justine kept the participants engaged by talking through the poses so the period during which the pose was held didn’t feel quite as long. The mere duration of yin poses can sometimes be outright challenging for ones with monkey minds. (Yep, count me in.) The class consisted of a nice mixture of poses for body joints and followed a logical progression. Somewhere along the way, I got so settled into each pose that I ended up surprised how fast the class rolled up to the final relaxation.

The regular price of a virtual class with Justine Blaber at the Yarrow Yoga is £5. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the official website

Sunday Yin with Graham Munro is nothing short of an ultimate chill convention from the comfort of your own carpet. This class was perfectly timed, the poses lasted somewhat longer than is common for a group yin classes but Graham found the perfect balance between verbal instructions and moments of complete silence. I would love to describe this class a bit more in detail, but the truth is, it was so soothing I can’t recall much. Just the feeling of ease and lightness in the body afterwards.

The price of the online Sunday Yin class with Graham is £5. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the Gathering Energy Yoga’s Facebook page

I’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions! If you decide to try out some of the mentioned classes or if you know of other great Yin classes available online, let me know in the ‘Comments’ section or send me an email.


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