My picks for Vinyasa online live classes include: relaxing Vinyasa Flow with Sophia Senior at the Unity Yoga Sheffield, inspirational Vinyasa with Ian Clark at the Forrest Gate Community Yoga and dynamic Power Vinyasa with Carrie Brassley.

My first yoga encounter was an advanced Vinyasa class at the local studio. In hindsight, I could’ve gone to the beginners class and experience a milder introduction to yoga, but back then I also had a lot of presumptions about the whole thing. After all, yoga isn’t a sport. Nor physically demanding, right? Well, simply put, I got my arse kicked. After spending a good chunk of the class in the child’s pose (*reevaluating my sanity), I was hooked!

Vinyasa offers a variety of poses with seamless transitions between them, creating a unique sequence in every class which makes it one of the most playful and versatile styles of yoga. Each movement is accompanied by an adequate breathing action: inhale or exhale, that can also be used as a focusing anchor during the practice. The uninterrupted changes to and from each pose are why Vinyasa is also referred to as a ‘flow’. Due to the numerous possible modifications of each yoga pose, the same Vinyasa class can be both friendly for a beginner and challenging to a more experienced practitioner which makes this style perfect for newcomers (just don’t let the class explicitly noted as advanced be your first one. Unless you have an unexplained need for a muscle ache worthy of a Marvel superhero. Then, by all means, go for it!)

Vinyasa Flow with Sophia Senior, which I participated in, was a morning slower-paced class. It started off with a short relaxation and breathing awareness exercise from a standing position. This isn’t very common in Vinyasa style but it worked perfectly since it was only 7 am (I’m super grateful to Sophia for not asking me to sit on my mat cause I would’ve gone back to the dream realm that very moment). After a successful start followed a smooth progression of poses. I was impressed with Sophia’s ability to pay attention to what each participant was doing and offer verbal modification cues possible without interrupting the sequence nor changing the pace.

The price of a drop-in Online class at Unity Yoga Sheffield is £7. When booking the class for the first time, you will need to create a profile on the studio’s webpage. Luckily, this takes only takes a minute or two, and you only have to do it once. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the official website

Vinyasa with Ian Clark presented a slightly faster practice with descriptive and highly detailed verbal instructions. This made the class easy to follow and suitable for novices. Ian also offered corrections whenever he noticed an opportunity for a student to improve the current pose. I value the ‘try even if you fail’ approach in yoga which was encouraged throughout the class. It works like a charm when facing balances. My favourite part of the class were the nuggets of wisdom in the opening and closing relaxations – an unexpected storytelling twist to the standard guided meditations.

The price of an online class with Ian at Forrest Gate Community Yoga is £6.50. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the official website

Even though the classes I aim to focus on here at YogaBlurbs are suitable primarily for beginners, I can’t finish this post without mentioning Power Vinyasa with Carrie Brassley. This class is recommended for slightly more experienced yoga practitioners already familiar with poses and some basic yoga principles. With that said, I completely adored this class. It started with a short relaxation and a bit of pranayama, followed by a very fun progression of poses. The class included a lot of core and strengthening work to improve on the balances. I found it very entertaining, challenging and quite rewarding once we got to the savasana (the world’s most favourite pose. Not just a yoga pose, it’s the pose. Ask anyone who’s ever been to a yoga class. Savasana is why we keep coming back to the mat.)

The regular price of an online class with Carrie is £7. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the official website

I’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions! If you decide to try out some of the mentioned classes or if you know of other great Vinyasa classes available online, let me know in the ‘Comments’ section or send me an email.


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