2020 trained us to expect the unexpected.

After the year of global turmoil and with the start of a new year, are we ready to continue on and dare to plan?

Now that the majority of the population has experienced ‘the temporal wormhole of 2020’, and is probably reluctant to make any big new year resolutions, what we can do is start small.

I never was a fan of life-changing decisions or grand plans because they’ve always terrified me. Though I do enjoy crossing items off a to-do list, if it has more than five tasks I’ll just turn to the internet and bury my head in random content. The only way I am able to implement a bit of order when approaching a certain project is by writing down two or three main areas I want to focus on. I also found this approach works best on a monthly basis since it gives me enough time to make tangible progress but not too much of a wiggle room to entirely give up on a certain goal. If by the end of the month, something is left unfinished, I just move it to the top of the next month’s goal. This approach proved itself invaluable last year during my preparations for the final exams of Yoga Teacher Training when I needed a structured learning plan with clear goals.

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I’d love to hear about your goals and planning strategies to achieve them! If you decide to try out one of the YogaBlurbs planners or if you know of other great organization tools available online, let me know in the ‘Comments’ section or send me an email.


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