My picks for Hatha Online Live Classes include frisky Monday Hatha! with Pippa Francis at Purple Padma Yoga, educational Online Hatha Yoga for Beginners & Improvers with Catriona at Garden Studio in Strawberry Hill and energizing Morning Slow Flow Hatha with Gail Stephens at Mudra massage & yoga.

I’ve decided to kick start Yoga Blurbs with recommendations of Online Hatha classes. Even though the yoga studios have slowly started to reopen across the country following the government’s regulations and guidelines, I feel all of us are more than aware of the changes that have happened in the past months as well as their long-lasting consequences. It’s understandable we feel somewhat reluctant about going back to the daily habits we used to have, including the regular in-person yoga classes.

Luckily, not long after the numerous restrictions took place, a switch to remote forms of communication occurred followed by, amongst other things, a sudden growth of live online yoga classes.

I won’t go into a discussion about the pros and cons of online live classes versus the in-person ones, but the emergence of the former undoubtedly simplified participation, increased accessibility and diversified the yoga styles and classes on offer. Online live classes might have appeared out of necessity, but in my opinion, some of them are here to stay.

In this post, I will cover three Hatha classes I’ve enjoyed doing. Since Hatha yoga is a slower-paced yoga practice focused on the quality and control of each movement, it is suitable for everyone no matter the previous knowledge, level of physical fitness nor age.

The Monday Hatha! class with Pippa presented a fun interpretation of this slower yoga style. It included an unrushed start with a couple of calming breathing techniques, followed by a gradual warming up of the body with an easy to follow the progression of poses, which finally lead to a more complex sequence. Pippa’s instructions were well-timed and useful in the instances when I was faced away from the screen. I truly loved the short conversation I had with a small group of participants before the start of the class. From then on, I felt like a part of their regular community throughout our practice and gave me additional encouragement when faced with more challenging postures.

The regular price of a Live Zoom class at Purple Padma Yoga is £5 making it one of the most affordable live Hatha classes I’ve come across. Also, new students are required to complete a health questionnaire beforehand. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the official website

Online Hatha Yoga for Beginners & Improvers with Catriona certainly lived up to its name. The class started with a short relaxation and from there continued in a logical order. All the poses and movements were offered with modifications and good verbal instructions which ensured that all the participants (of various age and physical fitness) were able to fully partake and get the most out of the time they’d set aside for the class. The class focused on controlled movements of the entire body with each movement being repeated a couple of times. This repetition provided enough time for everyone to become aware and verify the sensations taking place in the body but also to double-check their motions with the given instructions.

Even though continuously steady yoga classes aren’t fully my preference, I found this approach unexpectedly educational and was reminded that not every yoga class has to be a show-off of poses in order to be interesting.

The price of a drop-in class with Catriona is £10. New students are instructed to inform her about any pre-existing medical conditions. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the official website

If you are more of a morning person and prefer an early class, Morning Slow Flow Hatha with Gail Stephens could be your new favourite. Like most of the early birds’ classes, Slow Flow Hatha was smaller in terms of the number of participants. This might be slightly uncomfortable for shier individuals but rest assured, meeting Gail before 7 am (while I was still slightly asleep) was very pleasant and created a friendly environment.

The definite advantage of a smaller-scale group was the teacher’s ability to pay more attention to each practitioner and consequently provide more targeted verbal cues and modifications. The entire sequence created during the class followed a progression of poses corresponding to the fitness of participants and resulted in an energizing morning activity I’d recommend to intermediate and more advanced yogis.

The price of a drop-in at Mudra massage & yoga class is £10. New students need to register for an account in order to fill in a health questionnaire. For all additional information about the teacher and available classes, visit the official website

I’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions! If you decide to try out some of the mentioned classes or if you know of other great Hatha online live classes, let me know in the ‘Comments’ section or send me an email.


Susie Wall · August 3, 2020 at 1:54 pm

Really helpful thanks Ro 🙂 I might try out the early morning session! Looking forward to your next post 🙂

Hilary · August 3, 2020 at 8:08 pm

I like the sound of Catriona’s class as I often need adaptations and options.

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